Increase resilience thanks to our platform

Opt for tailor-made and collaborative monitoring of your transport and rely on data for easier decision-making.


Fast and Transparent Quotation

Get an online quote in minutes, with no emails required. Compare different offers with transparent criteria and validate instantly to start the booking.

Facilitated Collaboration

Benefit from end-to-end visibility of your transport by connecting all the stakeholders in your supply chain. Connect your suppliers to the platform so that they can make quotation requests directly.

Stay Informed

Receive important news and operational information such as blanksailing or strikes to stay proactive.

Vue de l'application Ovrsea.


Vue de l'application Ovrsea représentant le suivi d'une cargaison, avec une carte et une chronologie contenant les étapes franchies et à venir.

Real-time tracking

Visualize where your goods are at any time directly on the OVRSEA platform and share tracking information with all stakeholders in your supply chain.

Configurable notifications

Customize your alerts on important transport events for proactive management.

Centralization of Exchanges

Optimize your internal communication. Do not lose any more information, take back control of the files in case you leave on vacation.


Transport Tracking Dashboard

Access a comprehensive reporting dashboard for an in-depth analysis of your transport.

Decarbonization dashboard

Visualize the carbon footprint of your transport for a sustainable approach.

Visibility and analysis by SKU

Get a product by SKU view with CO2 emissions and cost analysis.

CSV export

Export detailed data to CSV with over 60 data points for in-depth analysis of your supply chain.

Vue de l'application Ovrsea avec deux pie charts donnant des statistiques à l'utilisateur, le premier sur les voies de transport utilisées et le second sur les services facturés.

Integrate OVRSEA with your tools

We offer API integration with these tools and many others

What do our customers say

Read what our customers have to say about their successful shipping experiences.
Début de citation
In the stressful environment we found ourselves in, OVRSEA helped us to overcome our difficulties with ease. Their proactive team and platform really made the difference for us.
Fin de citation
Melissa Süslü
Transport Manager at Le Coq Sportif
Début de citation
I love OVRSEA’s platform: it’s easy to find quotes, check prices, book the shipments and contact the team. It’s one of my favorite tools
Fin de citation
Noreen Nezaj
VP Sales & Operations @WanderBeauty
Début de citation
The OVRSEA teams are very responsive and their information is always reliable.
Fin de citation
Fanny M.
International Sales Manager
Début de citation
OVRSEA is a revolution in international freight transport.
Fin de citation
Michel T.
Export Transport Manager
Début de citation
The OVRSEA method is the most efficient. This digitization gives us completeness of information, visibility into our business, responsiveness and a speed of action that was previously unknown.
Fin de citation
Philippe Pessina
Global Supply Chain Director @ Seqens EDS
Début de citation
I've never been more in control of my exports than I have since working with OVRSEA.
Fin de citation
L. Purchasing and Customer Service Manager, SMAC
Début de citation
"The support and reactivity of the OVRSEA teams are particularly appreciable: rapid communication on events that may occur, but also dedicated support and a team that listens."
Fin de citation
Victoria Terentev
Sea Freight Coordinator, OROA GROUP
Début de citation
Nuxe and OVRSEA share the importance of quality customer service. We are working in the same direction and share these values.
Fin de citation
Coralie Lecomte
Export Sales Administration Manager
Début de citation
OVRSEA has had an immense impact on traceability and direct access to quality information.
Fin de citation
Flore B.
Import Export Coordinator
Début de citation
The OVRSEA team is always reactive and adapts to our constraints to offer us the best solutions, even during period crisis. They are a reliable partner.
Fin de citation
Benjamin Gasparini
Transport Coordinator @ Novasep
Début de citation
Our American and Brazilian subsidiaries can follow the progress of goods in real time at the same time as we do at the headquarters. It's a real time saver and everything is more transparent.
Fin de citation
Céline Saliot
Transportation and Warehouse Manager @ Grosfillex
Début de citation
OVRSEA has enabled us to gain greater precision and visibility in the management of our carbon footprint and transport operations. Thanks to the vision stock function, we have been able to increase forecast accuracy, which has led to an overall improvement.
Fin de citation
Lucas Gaurichon
Procurement and Data Manager
Début de citation
Everything is simple with OVRSEA, whether it's the quote request, validation, exchanges, even the billing and the quality of service is outstanding.
Fin de citation
Damien Deligny
Demand and Supply Manager
Début de citation
Just like the platform which is ideal, reassuring and easy to access.
Fin de citation
Mélanie Vinson
Product Manager
Début de citation
With our previous commission agent, we felt a little left out as an SME. With OVRSEA, the attention, the reactivity and the quality of the interface are very considerable.
Fin de citation
Cindy Laurent
Customer Service Manager Hong Kong & Middle East @ Cristalleries Saint-Louis
Début de citation
Avec OVRSEA, nos demandes de cotation et lancements de transports sont 2 à 3 fois plus rapides, c’est un gain de temps considérable pour nos équipes.
Fin de citation
Vincent de Gaultier de Laguionie
P Manufacturing
Début de citation
I am happy with this integration. When I think back to what it was like before, I realise that my mental load has lightened. Before I had to make sure everything was done properly, that nothing was forgotten... now it's less stressful and more instantaneous.
Fin de citation
Felix Fabich
Senior Supply Chain Engineer at Cowboy
Début de citation
OVRSEA is a real partner who supports us on daily basis to ensure the goods in transit, thanks to its platform and team. We can count on them even during times of crisis.
Fin de citation
David Monteiro
Logistics Coordinator
Début de citation
OVRSEA offers a real advantage. The platform is easy to access and facilitates exchanges. The teams are always available for follow-up and advice, and are always available to find the best solutions.
Fin de citation
Aliénor Crépin
International Transport & Logistics Manager
Début de citation
We were struggling to get visibility on our ETAs, ETDs that were constantly changing... We were missing the ability to communicate reliable information to our warehouses and OVRSEA was the pioneer that allowed us to work differently.
Fin de citation
Lydie Mallet
Supply Chain and Operations Manager @Babymoov
Début de citation
OVRSEA is really the right tool for a company like CD Sud that needs to always be ahead of schedule.
Fin de citation
Christelle Fuentes
Assistant Supply Manager @CD Sud

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