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What is a freight forwarder?

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The freight forwarder is at the heart of the international exchange of goods.

The keystone of international trade

When a company wishes to export or import goods, these will pass through almost a dozen different intermediaries: sea or air carriers, road hauliers, customs at both ends, ports and airports...

The keystone of international trade, the freight forwarder is the trusted partner of companies. To avoid having to deal with all these players, you entrust the goods to a freight forwarder, who takes care of the entire service.

A regulated profession

Not everyone can become a freight forwarder. It's a regulated profession. The Court of Cassation defines the activity of freight forwarder as follows:

"Freight forwarding, an agreement by which the freight forwarder undertakes towards the principal to perform on the latter's behalf the legal acts necessary to move the goods from one place to another, is characterized by the latitude left to the freight forwarder to freely organize the transport by the means and routes of his choice, under his name and under his responsibility, and by the fact that this agreement covers end-to-end transport. "

OVRSEA, a digital freight forwarder

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